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I’ve started my professional adventure with The Web in the mid-00s always simultaneously working at the intersection of visuals and implementation. These days I ideally find myself in product and design-oriented roles that require a thorough understanding of The Web as a medium.

I specialise in design systems, front-end development, holistic design and building efficient, happy teams.

I’m deeply passionate about empowerment, inclusion, collaboration and daring leadership. Building teams and products in a people-first manner makes me tick. Additionally, I know a thing or two about remote work.

I live in Melbourne, VIC with my partner and our lovely cat, frequenting my second home—Europe.

Community leadership

In 2012, extending my passion for community building, I started running local gatherings for like-minded developers and designers. Since then I have been involved in numerous events such as JSConf Europe, JSConf Australia, CSSConf Oakland, Realtime Conference and &yetConf, bringing thousands of people together.

As a Community Organiser, I actively challenged not only the format and quality of these events but even more so, diversity and inclusion. Some have become an industry standard baseline for many curators worldwide, which I’m incredibly proud of.


My writing has been published on Huffington Post, Smashing Magazine, Adobe, The Pastry Box, Creative Bloq and Hack Design amongst others.

Upcoming talks

No upcoming appearances scheduled.

Send an email if you’re interested in having me speak at your event. Please note that I’m not accepting invitations to conferences with non-diverse lineups, no evident commitment to fostering inclusion and not covering speaker costs.

Selected past talks

  • Creative Mornings (Melbourne, AU)
  • Web Directions Code Leaders (Melbourne, AU)
  • DDD (Perth, AU)
  • Tech Inclusion (Melbourne, AU)
  • Nordic.js (Stockholm, SE)
  • Front-end Conference (Zürich, CH)
  • WDCNZ Mini (Wellington, NZ)
  • HybridConf (Dublin, IE)
  • Decompress (Melbourne, AU)
  • Forward.js (San Francisco, US)
  • CSSConf Asia (Singapore, SG)
  • FullStack (London, GB)
  • CSSConf Europe (Berlin, DE)
  • Future of Web Design (Prague, CZ)
  • JSConf Europe (Berlin, DE)
  • Lisbon JavaScript (Lisbon, PT)
  • Front-end Conference (Zürich, CH)
  • Spain.js (Madrid, ES)


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