Looking for work

I’m a product designer and front-end engineer with over 12 years of experience and a passion for remote work.

What I’m looking for

I’m searching for a design-driven organisation committed to inclusion to work with a diverse, talented group of people. I’m open to both permanent opportunities and consulting, looking for a remote role or on-site in Melbourne, Australia.

As someone with multidisciplinary skills, I love seeing projects from inception to completion. I thrive in environments where I can leverage the entire spectrum of my abilities: product, UX, UI and front-end engineering.

I’m deeply passionate about empowerment, inclusion, collaboration and servant leadership. One could call me a “people person”. It is my goal to help people reach their goals, become their best selves and level up teams I’m a part of.

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Recent work and achievements

  • Spearheaded the implementation of new Help Scout brand.
  • I’m helping bootstrap Calibre, a web performance analytics company, into a profitable SaaS business by implementing product marketing, design and communications strategies.
  • Directed and led two editions of CSSConf and JSConf Australia—a four-day-long, not-for-profit technology festival with a diverse lineup of speakers.
  • I curate a newsletter on web performance, accessibility and user experience—perf.email.
  • Given over thirty talks in fifteen countries with topics ranging from the state of web performance, community building to allyship (a list of selected presentations can be found here).

For design case studies, head here.


Resume available on request, or, alternatively, you can check my LinkedIn profile. If you’re interested in being work friends, reach out. 👋🏻