Karolina is a designer, developer and hobbyist photographer from Melbourne, Victoria.

For the past decade, Karolina has been practising holistic design approaches, running successful community events, speaking, mentoring and fiercely striving to push the industry inclusivity forward.

Karolina believes in creating meaningful work through values


People-first engineering

Rapid technological growth is a servant to advancing humanity. Forgetting to put compassion, empathy and inclusion at the forefront when pursuing advancement is unacceptable.


Holistic design

Effective, successful design requires holistic approaches—a thorough understanding of the problem space, possible solutions and nitty-gritty details of implementation.


Collaboration over egos

Ego is the enemy. Humility combined with confidence with one’s knowledge allows individuals to flourish. Solitary work is necessary, but teamwork brings innovation and diversity of thought as well as ideas.


Candid communication

It’s impossible to create meaningful relationships, let alone creative work, without transparent and honest communication. The ability to express oneself in writing and spoken word is crucial.

Latest writing

May 3, 2017

Digital Vulnerability

Realising the enormous reach the World Wide Web has can be both exhilarating and paralysing, oftentimes preventing us from publishing our projects and writing. How do we navigate vulnerability and constant pressure to be great?

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